Weekly Watch

9 December 2013

Hello, jumping pals! This week’s video comes from Rilla Hops, a team from Florida. This video is actually the out takes from their video Girls to Men, which I totally recommend you check it out. I wasn’t sure which one to share, but in the end I settled for this one. While this video doesn’t really show much of the great movements these girls do, I like that you can see their progression here. I also find watching their bails kinda inspirational in a weird way. It’s good to see them try things, and properly go for them, and then try them again, even when they fail, until they suceed. So watch this, watch Girls to Men, and I would also recommend checking out the rest of Rilla Hops channel – they look like they have lots of fun. Enjoy, and train safe pals ❤

2 December 2013

by Fiona B

To me, parkour is a political thing. There’s a lot of discourse among parkour about how the practice allows us to reclaim space and feel free – you can even find some writing on this blog about it. This documentary really shows how true this is, and how important parkour can be for some people. It’s a fairly long watch (just under half an hour), but it’s worth it. For practitioners in Palestine, parkour is an important way to gain control over their own movements. It’s incredible to listen to these men talk about what parkour means to their lives – I highly recommend this documentary, it gave me a lot to think about when I first saw it.

25 November 2013

This week’s video is the Roots of Movement 4 video. For those who don’t know, RoM is a yearly, 2 day national gathering in Scotland. This year it was held in Coatbridge, just outside Glasgow, and was the best Roots yet. We had loads of fun, and this year there were 2 women specific training sessions, as well as loads of other interesting seminars and amazing coaches. We’re already looking forward to next year’s RoM!

18 November 2013

I’m back! This week is kind of a follow up from the first video I posted here, in that it features Jo from Jo vs Med Center Wall fame. I discovered this little documentary last week, and I highly recommend it. If you’re like me, you maybe find it hard to sit for 25 minutes to watch something, but it’s totally worth it. The woman here speak about a lot of things I can relate to, but fear is the main one. It’s great to watch Jo struggle with the mental side of parkour, and even more amazing when she does conquer it. She’s fast become one of my (s)heroes, and this documentary brings up a lot of things, good and bad, I can connect with. I hope yous find it as useful as I did – this is definitely one of the best youtube discussions I’ve found about women in parkour.

11 November 2013

by Fiona B

Hey there jumpy friends.
So, I forgot to update last Monday, oops! But fear not, this week I’ll recommend you two videos to make up for it. There, don’t say I’m not good to you!

Since the videos I’ve shared so far have been old(er) classics, my first video is this new wonder from Charlotte Chacatouille. This has been making the rounds on facebook recently, and quite rightly too. It’s amazing, she’s amazing – watch it and be amazed.

Next up is Tam with a Cam. Because this couldn’t be a blog post about great parkour videos with her. So far the other videos I’ve posted have been a bit more chilled out, I’ve put these two videos together for all their energy. I love that Tam has some incredible, and pretty beastly movements – I have major love and jealousy for this woman.

Enjoy these videos, let me know if you have any recommendations, and I’ll see you next week (I promise).

28 October 2013

by Fiona B

Hiya pals!

For our second pick, I’m offering another well loved classic which was recommend by Kel. Like last week’s video, I watched this fairly early in my training, but I had totally forgotten about it. I’m happy to reshare it with yous because it’s such a nice wee video. I’m a huge fan of night time training, I think it’s the best. There’s nothing better than heading out in the dark to have some chilled out training and enjoying jumping around while people are going to bed. This video really sums up that feeling for me, it’s relaxed but at the same time it still makes me feel a bit buzzed to go training. I hope you find yourself inspired to go out and train tonight.

21 October 2013

by Fiona B

Hello, and welcome to weekly watch, where we’ll share with you our favourite parkour videos, old and new!

To start us off, I’ve picked what is possibly my favourite parkour video ever. I find it to be incredibly inspirational, and to me, sums up the spirit of parkour. I first saw this fairly early into my training, and it was the first video that I felt I really connected with, and showed something that felt more realistic to me. While it’s great to watch people doing amazing movements, I find watching Jo try this wall climb again and again is more relatable to my training. All in all it’s a beautiful video, so enjoy!

If you have any suggestions of great videos for us to watch and share, post them in the comments or on our facebook.

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