Our infinite thanks and gratitude to all those listed below, for supporting us in our campaign to get women coaching parkour in Scotland!


Evolution 5

Michele Hall

Pawel Orzechowski


Paul Lagah

Alec Maclaren

Ryan McSorley

Alex Mills

Ruth and Peave

Nina Ballantyne

Heather Boyd

Alisa and Amy Anderson

James Adams

Rani Dhanda

Chrissie Ardhill

Gwyneth McWilliam


Cat Sinclair

David Banks

Daria Altenberg

Naysun Alae-Carew

Danny Lumsden

Mimosa Percy

Alison Greenwod

John Harte

Freya Gosnold

Suzi Miletic

Ulyaya Vuz

John Collins

Nicole Brandon

Julie RIdell

Dana MacPherson


L P Hainey

Zeno Watson

Sophie McWilliam

Naomi Honey

Kyle Weise

David Shaw

Laura Gonzalez

Ruth Sacks

Lynsey McCabe

Kieran McCrae

Heather Allison

Nicole Brandon

Holly Waller


M Bali

Ellie Dubois

Remie Cibis

Hannah CLaire

H Pahaut





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