Watching videos, it’s easy to get the impression that parkour training is all about the biggest jump, the highest drop, the scariest feat. Videos can all to often seem geared towards bigness.

That’s not the crux of parkour training, for me.

Parkour is not about big.

Parkour training is in the little things. Fine-tuning a landing. Making little improvements to jump technique that happen every time. Maintaining strength under varied pressures. Progressing step by tiny step. Getting stronger, getting smarter.

Well, I fear for the knees of those who practice ten thousand jumps once, but I gaze in admiration and love when I watch those people who have clearly practiced a one-metre drop ten thousand times.

Parkour is not about big.

Every jump, every vault, every step is a series of minute adjustments in time and space, tiny changes in tension and flex of each muscle. Time slows down and these nuances seem to unfold in an irresistible flow.

And that’s the same whether it’s an x-foot drop onto a rail, or a little pop over a gutter.

So when you’re watching yet another video of someone fronting a 10-storey high gap, remember…

Parkour is not about big.

Parkour is for everyone.

Think unbig.