Crowdfunding campaign for coaching qualifications

We’ve launched a crowdfunding campaign to get women qualified to coach parkour in Scotland!!

Please contribute here:

And share the link far and wide!!


This campaign will mean we’ll have a woman coaching in Scotland, and it’s only the beginning!

Please support us!


Superchared thanks and infinite gratitude to those who have already donated!!
Ellie Dubois
Naomi Honey
Nicole Brandon
Chrissie Jamieson-Ardill
Paul Raj Lagah
Mimosa Percy
Dana Macpherson
Nina Ballantyne
Ruth Savks
John Harte
Cat Sinclair
Daria Altenburg
Ryan McSorley
Marie Lindenkohl
Hector Pahaut
David Banks
Rani Dhanda
Heather Boyd
Holly Waller
Freya Gosnold
Julie Ridell
Alison Greenwood

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