New Year’s Resolutions

2012 has been a great year for women’s parkour in Glasgow. It’s been really inspiring to see so many new faces at jams and training, giving it their best and progressing each week. And it’s been a little sad to see a few old friends leave, but of course we know we’ll see them all again soon. But what will 2013 bring? Mostly, strength!! Here are some new year’s resolutions from us at Glasgow Parkour Girls


I want to be able to do 10 strict pull ups, do a handstand, be able to do beautiful climb ups and break lots of jumps… And rail precisions.


50 proper pushups in a row, running/jogging 5 miles, not being scared of rail vaults and stop being terrified of precisions onto something that isn’t a line on the ground


Pistol squats, 10, both legs 2. Add 15kg to my max leg press (I’m due for shoulder surgery in February, so I’ll be limited in what I can do. Squats are out, unfortunately, I have to make to with training in a gym with leg press machines. Nasty as they are.) 3. Start a blog about my recovery from surgery to keep myself motivated and on track. 4. Be militantly cautious during my shoulder recovery. This will be the hardest. If it takes months and months before I can do a push up again, I just have to be fine with that.


3 way splits/side planche/back planche/roll ups on straps/15 strict pullups/round off flicks/1 minute handstand hold etc et


Mine would have to be to become good at climb ups and push ups, manage to comfortably run a decent distance (more than a couple of miles), and generally get stronger