Safe travels, Angie!!

Angie has been pretty much at the center of the Glasgow Parkour Girls community since its creation. Being one of the girls that attended the first ever girls parkour class, she organised Jams and was always there to help and support us in everyway possible and recently became the first woman in Scotland and also in Germany to gain the ADAPT coaching qualification. But now she is leaving us to go and be very clever in Cambridge.

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Angie, we’re going to miss you lots. Especially…

How you attended every class all year round without fail

Your love of camels

Your brillant handstands

Drinking coffee before and after training (and bringing peppermint tea to cold winter training!!)

Your belief in and support for all of us- we couldn’t walk away from a jump when you were around

Your cheeky smile just before you told us your plans for conditioning

Angie you are amazing and we will miss you loads, good luck with everything in Cambridge and come back and visit soon!


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